Chicopee Public Library hosts computer lab for assistive technology

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Chicopee Public Library held an open computer lab for assistive technology.

The event assists people with vision loss, and helps them make better use of electronic devices and digital media. The overall aim is to make their lives easier.

Chicopee resident Robert R. Baran conducted the training and he has a wealth of experience in teaching assistive technology. 22News stopped by to talk with Baran on the impacts of these assistive technologies.

“I have more access to the written word than I could ever read in a lifetime,” Baran said. “I use computers with a software called Jaws. I use an iPhone with a software on it called voiceover. I maintain my home, I pay my bills. I read a lot of my mail. My junk mail gets thrown into the recycle bin quickly. I am very independent using technology and I am also legally blind since the summer of 1983.”

The Chicopee Public Library will host these open computer labs for assistive technology on the first Tuesday of every month moving forward.