Arkansas voters react to governor's debate

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — One of Arkansas’ biggest debates happened Friday morning, as it was for the Governor’s race. The three candidates shared the stage to make their final plea for a broadcast debate.

Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Democrat Chris Jones, Libertarian Ricky Dale Harrington had some voters pondering over their talking points. 

The one-hour debate was at Arkansas PBS in Conway, the candidates spoke on a range of topics like education and taxes.

Arkansas’ Harry and Robin Louck both liked Jones’ promise for education on spreading PB&J across the state that includes economic development focused on creating wage jobs. 

“He understands that we have got to have qualified teachers. If we don’t have qualified teachers who want to stay in the business, we have to pay them and we have to pay them comparably,” said Mrs. Louck.

The candidates were questioned on why voters should trust them to be a leader, although they all have a lack of experience in elected office. For voter Rich Dawe, he believes Sanders’ background can come in handy.  

“I believe she has good experience and more importantly her values I align with,” said Dawe.

For voter Kristran Brayant he is still on the fence about which candidate will get his vote come November. 

“As long as we get honesty out of our politicians, I’ll be happy,” said Brayant. 

This is something Harrington and other candidates brought up when asked about credibility, a relief for Brayant. 

“I will tell you as governor I will do my absolute best to lead with integrity,” said Brayant.  

The poll showed 51% of respondents backed the former White House press secretary, compared to 41% supporting Jones. Harrington came in at 3%, while 5% of voters in the poll were undecided. The poll had a 3.9% margin of error.

The Arkansas general election is Nov. 8, with early voting beginning Oct. 24.