• Ariana Grande has more than 50 tattoos to date.
  • The singer has tattoos ranging from sentimental reminders to matching designs with bandmates.
  • Most of her tattoos are dainty pieces on her arms, multiple spots on her hands, and on her ear.

While the singer isn’t as tattooed as her longtime friend and fellow “Stuck With U” singer, Justin Bieber, she does have an impressive collection that extends into the double digits.

Each of Grande’s tattoos tell a story and hold sentimental value. She has a tattoo of the nickname her grandfather gave her, a few that reference movies a few pop culture–related designs (like a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” quote), and designs representing her music (like a Sweetener World Tour tattoo she got with her bandmates) and even a few tattoos that didn’t go as planned. She also has quite a few moon tattoos scattered across her body in various locations.

Some of Grande’s designs are in not-so-obvious spots, while others are on full display on her fingers or back. To get a closer look at Grande’s tattoos and learn about their meanings, read on.