The San Diego Padres held a 5-3 lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers midway through the bottom of the eighth inning in their NLDS playoff series when the everyone in Dodger Stadium broke their concentration to take note of a goose in short centerfield. The umpires decided the game would go on with the goose on the field. The goose was eventually escorted off field during a stoppage in play by the stadium crew.

The Dodgers were hoping this was a RALLY GOOSE to get them back in the lead. It didn’t happen. The Padres got out of the inning holding a two-run lead going into the ninth.

Here’s video of the moment:

Here’s video of the goose being removed from the field

Is this the greater white fronted goose? It looks like it. Maybe our guy is a Dodgers fan.

The Dodgers took Game 1 of the NLDS series. Again, they would have really loved a rally goose in LA.

Playoff baseball is super intense. Baseball is a weird sport where a goose can be on the field in a high leverage moment. These things are not mutually exclusive.