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Wish List

You can always donate supplies instead of money to the shelter. We can still write a receipt for your taxes.

Here is a link to our "Amazon wishlist".

Here is also a list of our usual needs but please call if you have an idea for another donation.

Animal Supplies
Dry Adult Food (Please call first to see if we need it....sometimes we have so much that it goes bad!)
Dry Puppy/Kitten Food
Canned Food
Litter, the cheapest is fine, (no clumping litter)
Bedding for dogs and cats, this can be towels/blankets/bed linens/etc

Office & Building supplies
Gift Certificates for Kinko's / Office Depot
Rugs/floor mats
Fans - box or other
Duct tape
Packing tape
Pens and pencils
White Printer Paper

Pine sol
Laundry soap
Liquid dish soap
Garbage bags 55 gal
Garbage bags 15-20 gal
Scrub brushes & siding scrub brushes
Mop heads for commercial mops
Quality Pooper Scoopers
Industrial squeegees
Paper towels
Deodorizing Sprays
Window cleaner

See our "How Can I Help" and "Guardian Angel" pages for more ideas.