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Animal Surrender

If you have found a stray dog or cat in Washington County, you can bring it to the shelter. We are open 12-5pm seven days a week.

If you have your own pet to bring in to the shelter, please come between 12-5pm seven days a week. There is some brief paperwork that must be signed in order to leave the animal. Once you have signed for the animal's release, if you come back to reclaim the pet you will be required to adopt it at the normal costs.

If you leave your own pet or a stray, please understand that if you call back to check on his status, we will only tell you whether or not the pet is still at the shelter. If it is no longer with us, we will not tell you whether it was adopted or euthanized.

There is no fee to leave an animal at the shelter but you must be a Washington County resident. We will not accept pets from another county since we are primarily funded with Washington County taxes. Each surrounding county has their own animal shelter.

Many people from outside of Washington County try to bring their pets here because they mistakenly believe that we are somehow a better shelter. Each area shelter must euthanize due to cage space limitations and our shelter is no different.