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Pet Indentification

There are lots of ways to help your pet come home if he is lost and also obey local ordinances.

Rabies Tag

A veterinarian issued rabies vaccination is required by the State of Tennessee. This tag is an easily traceable record.

Johnson City License Tag

All domestic pets within Johnson City's limits are required to wear a pet license tag when outdoors. The registration is free with proof of a current rabies vaccination.

ID Tag

Keep all phone numbers current on these tags. ID tags are cheap and easy to purchase.
Here are just a few of the unique ways to keep your pets safe.
Military "dog tag" Company
Boomerang Tags


Home Again
The shelter now offers HomeAgain microchips for only $15! This is available for any dog or cat that you own, not just for adopted pets.


While tattoos are a great way to prove ownership of an animal that has been stolen or lost, it is a horrible method of getting your pet home safely. Most tattoos are placed in location that are never noticed because of position or hair growth and their meaning are often obscure to everyone but the owner.
Find out more about tattoos at the National Dog Registry.


The latest in identification technology...Dog-E-Tag.