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Adoption Policies

Our sterilization policy is mandatory and is in accordance with Tennessee State Law. If you are interested in breeding or have personal doubts about sterilization, you are looking for a pet in the wrong place.
The adoption fee for any unaltered animal is $20. You must also pay for the animal's sterilization at the time of adoption according to the following table. This price can vary according to the expected size of the dog when it is full-grown. The shelter will transport any animal at our discretion regardless of age to a clinic to be fixed before it goes to its new home.

Adoptions Costs

  Adoption Fee Male Female
Cats $20 $45 $55
Dogs* $20 $60 $75
Already Fixed Pets $35    
*The price of the dog sterilization varies for extra large breeds or obviously pregnant dogs.


Most shelter animals have not had their vaccinations and have unknown health histories. Every effort is made to ensure that those animals for adoption are in good health; however, it is your responsibility to take the animal to a veterinarian, at your own expense, within five working days of adoption. If the animal requires any medical treatment that you are not willing or unable to provide, you may return the animal to the shelter and a refund will be given. If the pet has already been fixed, you will not receive this fee back as we now owe it to the clinic for services rendered. Please understand that the animal shelter and the local humane society do not have the resources to help pay for any medical treatment.

Stray animals are not necessarily adopted on a "first come, first serve" basis. On the first available adoption day, any person that is here right when we open at noon will be able to "draw" for the animal. It will make no difference who saw the animal first or who arrives first in the office.

We prefer that you do not adopt an animal as a gift for someone else. We suggest that you purchase a gift certificate to give to the person for them to redeem when they find an animal that they want to keep for a lifetime.

At the time of adoption you will sign a legal and binding contract. We reserve the right to reclaim an animal adopted from this shelter if the contract is violated at any time. That also includes animals that have not been sterilized by the appropriate expiration date and your money may be forfeited.

Dogs will not be given to homes where they will be strictly outside pets if the sole method of restraint will be chaining. Declawed, deaf or blind animals must be completely inside pets.

We will not adopt pets to residents of apartments, dorms, or mobile home parks, etc. with a "No pets" policy. You may be asked to provide proof from your landlord that pets are indeed allowed.

You must be at least 21 years old to adopt an animal. Adult children that still live with their family will not be allowed to adopt without a parent present.

No person who is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to adopt.

When you adopt a pet from the animal shelter, we hope that you have made a well thought out decision and that you plan to keep the animal humanely for its lifetime. If the animal is returned for any other reason than being of poor health, we will not refund the adoption fee. The sterilization fee will only be refunded if the pet has not been altered and it is not past due.
We reserve the right of not adopting any animal for any reason.